Hand-crafted Candy for Over 100 Years

Family Recipes Shared for Generations to Come

Doscher’s Candies was founded in 1871 by Claus Doscher, a German immigrant who arrived in Cincinnati in 1868. Initially, Claus joined his uncles who were in the candy and sugar business. After a few years, Claus wanted to start his own venture and created Doscher Brothers Candy Company with one of his brothers.

Doscher's History

A Process Perfected and Preserved

What’s the secret? We’ll never tell.

So what is the secret to making the French Chew so creamy, so chewy and so unique like no other candy in the marketplace today? Maybe it’s the original copper kettles first purchased by Claus that we still use today; maybe it’s because we still use the same recipe today perfected by Claus over 100 years ago.

We work hard for our stripes.

Those stripes aren’t painted on. And they aren’t perfect either. That’s because all of our candy canes are still made with the best tools ever created....our hands. We take pride in knowing that each candy cane is different. Each and every candy cane is special and and uniquely made for you to enjoy.

Crafting Fun Family Traditions Since 1871

Our French Chews and candy canes have been a favorite with kids, teenagers, and adults for well over 100 years. Lots of fond memories are brought back to life when eating candy made the old-fashioned way. Although Claus died in 1939, his legacy continues on as Doscher’s candy continues to be enjoyed by new generations.

Free Shipping in the USA

We take great care to package our products carefully, but due to the fragility of our products we cannot be responsible for broken canes once they leave our facility.

  • Vanilla French Chew

    Vanilla French Chew
    36-Count Box of Vanilla French Chew Bars

  • Chocolate French Chew

    Chocolate French Chew
    36-Count Box of Chocolate French Chew Bars

  • Strawberry French Chew

    Strawberry French Chew
    36-Count Box of Strawberry French Chew Bars

  • Banana French Chew

    Banana French Chew
    36-Count Box of Banana French Chew Bars

  • Original French Chew Minis

    Original French Chew Minis
    An assorted three pound bag of our original French Chew minis: Creamy Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry & Banana

    Sold Out
  • Vanilla French Chew Minis

    Vanilla French Chew Minis
    A three pound bag of our Vanilla French Chew minis

  • Gourmet Classic French Chew Minis

    Gourmet Classic French Chew Minis
    A three pound bag of our Gourmet Classic French Chew Minis: Sea Salt Caramel, Butterscotch, Creamy Vanilla, Cappuccino and Chocolate Raspberry

    Sold Out
  • Gourmet Tropical French Chew Minis

    Gourmet Tropical French Chew Minis
    A three pound bag of our Gourmet Tropical French Chew Minis: Lemon Chill, Key Lime and Island Orange

    Sold Out
  • Old Fashioned Candy Canes

    Old Fashioned Candy Canes
    A 24-Count box of our famous handmade candy canes

  • Peppermint Pieces

    Peppermint Pieces
    A 4.5 pound bag of our broken peppermint pieces

  • Monthly Special

    Monthly Special
    Our current monthly special: 12 - 2 Count Reindeer Candy Canes